Maintenance mode
Last updated: Mar 06, 2024


If you don't want your visitors to access your website, you can turn on maintenance mode.

This will make sure that every request to the website will be redirected to a certain maintenance page. This can be convenient when the website is not yet ready, or when you are performing updates during which you don't want any user to access the website.

Setting up

You can enable the maintenance mode in the CMS.

Go to Tools -> Settings.
Under 'Website settings' you can choose to enable the maintenance mode. You can also select the Maintenance URL, this is the page which is shown to users when they access the website. 


If you, for example, are developing the site localy and want to bypass the maintenance mode on your local environment, you can make a tiny adjustment in the initialization of the Webigniter client.

$webigniter = new WebigniterClient('YOUR_LICENSE_KEY');

//Change it to:

$webigniter = new WebigniterClient('YOUR_LICENSE_KEY', bypassMaintenance: true);

This will make sure that the the maintenance mode will be bypassed and you can access the website normaly.

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Setting up
  3. Bypassing