Webigniter pricing

Personal use
Forever free if you use Webigniter CMS For a non-commercial website.
Most popular
€89 / year
Use Webigniter with multiple users, use the power of SEO and much more.
€139 / year
All professional tools, like CMS branding and launch support for the professional.
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Feature comparison
Free Basic Pro
Flexible content management
Extensive form management
Bring your own frontend
Media library
Navigation management
Hosting * 0.25GB 2.5GB 5GB
Unlimited user accounts
Powerful SEO tools
Collaborate on 1 page
Members system
User roles system
Developer support Basic Priority
CMS branding
Launch support
Price Free €89 / year €139 / year
Localization and subsites
* Hosting is optional, you can also host Webigniter elsewhere.
Why go for webigniter?
Quick and easy to use

Smooth content updates made easy! Webigniter's intuitive interface ensures hassle-free management. Simplify your site maintenance!

Developers first

Crafted for developers, designed for users! Webigniter empowers devs to create seamlessly while keeping user experience paramount.

Optimized for marketing

Marketing magic unleashed! Webigniter amps up your strategy with built-in SEO tools. Elevate your brand's online presence!

Built to perform

Webigniter provides sub 50ms TTFB loading times of your website, ensuring great user experience and superb SEO performance.

Frequently asked questions
We're here to help with any questions you have about
plans, pricing, and supported features.

Webigniter is free for non-commercial websites.
You can assume that if the company or entity you are building the site for has a chamber of commerce number or has a commercial bank account, you need a Webigniter Basic or Pro license. If you are building a personal travel blog for example, you're safe, you can use Webigniter for free.

You can purchase your Webigniter license with one of the following payment methods:

Apple pay
iDeal (only for dutch customers)

Yes, by default Webigniter is a hosted solution. But if you need or want to, you can host your Webigniter website anywhere and with any framework or developer language. Check our documentation pages to see how surpisingly easy it is to host your own Webigniter website.

Absolutely, you can try Webigniter for as long as you like.
Webigniter is free for non-commercial and during development, as soon as you go live with a commercial website, you need a Basic or Pro license.
You only need to create an account to get started

All of them. Webigniter is a headless SaaS CMS, which means you have full control of what language or framework you use, we don't care. So whether you want to build in plain HTML or React, Vue or Angular, it's fine by us. You can also use the backend language or framework you like. Use plain PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter, .NET, or something else. No problem.

Yes, you can. You can add as many domains as you want to a single license, it's up to you.

Developers love switching
to Webigniter

Webigniter CMS is a total game-changer! With its lightning-fast loading, and an intuitive interface. A perfect combo of efficiency and user-friendliness, impressive! reviews-quote-icon


Owner of Psyenco

The exceptional documentation and outstanding support have consistently guided me. As a client since version 1.0, I continue to be impressed by the user-friendly interface. reviews-quote-icon


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