Last updated: Dec 04, 2023


Within the Media library, you can store all sorts of files. Images, documents, zip files, audio files, etc. These files can then be added to your site. The most common use is for images, but there are numerous other possibilities with the media library.

There are 2 ways to add files to the media library.

Using the CMS

Media files can be added using the CMS.

In order to add files to the Media library, click 'Media' in the menu. an overview of already added files and folders will apear, along with some basic data of the files.

To add a folder, click 'Add folder', and a dialogue will appear asking for the desired folder name. Folders are a great way of organising your media files.

To add a file or multiple files, click 'Add media', this will open a dialogue with a simple upload button. You can select multiple files here, but if you would like to add many or large files, we recommend you to use the FTP method, as described below, in order to avoid upload limitations the hosting.

After you have added the media files, they will be shown immediately in the overview.

Using FTP

If you want to add a large number of files or large files, we recommend you to use the FTP method.

To do this you open your favorite FTP client program and connect to your website.

Open the media folder and upload your files, folders, etc.

You can add anything you want here, files, folders. In order to load them into your CMS, refresh the Media libraray in the CMS, and all your files are present.

Update a file

Within the Media library, you can click on any file to see it's preview, or to alter it.

On the media detail page, you can edit the filename and the alt description. You can change anything you want, if the media file has been attached to content, it will update the content automatically using the new filename and alt.

If you want to delete a file or folder, use the bin icon in the media overview, be aware that if you delete a used media file, it will end up being broken.