Last updated: Jul 05, 2024

The datacollection element is a helper element to help the content managers to create or modify entries in a specific datacollection.

When this element is attached to a page, this only affects the CMS user interface, your frontend files won't be affected by this, to retreive datacollection data in your frontend files, you can use the $webigniter->getDatacollectionEntries() function as described here.

When adding a datacollection element to a page, next to the default values, you need to specify 2 additional fields:
Datacollection: this is the datacollection you wish to include in the CMS user interface.
'Create button' name: The content manager will be also be able to add datacollection entries using this element, this value specifies what the name of the 'create' button should be. For example: Create FAQ item..