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Why Webigniter?

You love building custom websites in Laravel. But your endusers or content managers also require an intuitive way of maintaining the content on the website. This is where Webigniter comes in. By connecting your Laravel website to the Webigniter CMS, your content managers have everything they need to publish content, manage forms, manage SEO settings, navigations, media and much more.

When you connect Webigniter to your Laravel website, Webigniter uses your blade files as frontend files, meaning that you can use any function or tool that Laravel offers. You are in charge of the used technology on the website, and your content managers are in charge of the content on the website.

So the combination of Laravel and Webigniter makes that you and your content managers have the right tools to create that perfect website. Start now by creating a free account, and connect your Laravel website.

Laravel developers love
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Webigniter CMS is a total game-changer! With its lightning-fast loading, and an intuitive interface. A perfect combo of efficiency and user-friendliness, impressive! reviews-quote-icon


Owner of Psyenco

The exceptional documentation and outstanding support have consistently guided me. As a client since version 1.0, I continue to be impressed by the user-friendly interface. reviews-quote-icon


Buurtverenging Schenkel

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