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Published: December 15, 2023

Tens of thousands of lines of code, several thousand hours of development, and many brainstorming sessions are what it took to create the new Webigniter CMS.

Why another CMS?

That's a very good question. Why do we need another CMS when there are already many CMS systems on the market?

The answer is quite simple; by far, most CMS systems are built so that anyone can build a decent website, even if they have no HTML/CSS/JS/etc. knowledge whatsoever. And don't get me wrong, this is great for a lot of people! However, these systems don't excel in being very flexible for custom-built websites. Sure, you can use a very well-known CMS and throw in a bunch of plugins to try to create what you had planned in the beginning, but you will never reach 100% customizability. The Webigniter CMS is especially built for (frontend) developers who prefer 100% freedom and flexibility while still being able to use an end-user-friendly CMS. Developers can create the perfect CMS interface for their users by choosing exactly what their users can or can't edit. And the best part of all, it's all SaaS!

Never again update your CMS...

Webigniter is a SaaS CMS, which means that the CMS is hosted on our servers, and you connect your website to the CMS with a tiny (optional) PHP class which we created to make connecting to the CMS very easy. But since Webigniter is a SaaS CMS, there is no need to install the CMS on your server, so you don't have to update it; we will take care of that. You only place your frontend files on your server and make the connection, it's as easy as that. This will save you much time and frustration. We all know situations where updates were failing or caused mismatches in plugins. No more!

But how can a CMS be SaaS and ultra-flexible at the same time? We have spent a lot on creating a 100% customizable CMS experience. This means you can seamlessly integrate your own custom-built functionalities into Webigniter. If you extend Webigniter, the end-user won't even see the difference between the Webigniter core features and your own custom features you added to the CMS.

The same level of flexibility is offered when it comes to forms. If you create a basic form in Webigniter, it can be customized in many ways out of the box, but sometimes you need just that extra flexibility to, for example, run an API command when a form is completed (or failed). Webigniter offers that as well. Create your own pre or post commands to have the forms do exactly what you want and need.

Use the tools you want

In contrast to many other CMS systems, you are not bound to one specific tool, language, or framework. You can use whatever frontend framework or language you want. Whether you want to use plain HTML/CSS or add a JS framework like REACT or ANGULAR. It's up to you! And perhaps you love the Laravel framework, great, we have a package for that too, so you can integrate Webigniter seamlessly into your Laravel project. But also other frameworks like Symfony, Codeigniter, CakePHP can be used without a problem. Even if you are planning to write your code in .NET or anything else, Webigniter is the go-to CMS for your project.


Webigniter is the CMS to choose for developers who need ultra-flexibility in creating custom (or default) websites and, on the other hand, need an intuitive CMS for their end-users. Webigniter is NOT the right CMS for you if you need a 3-click CMS that builds you a website based on predefined templates or if you have no frontend development experience at all.

The Webigniter CMS offers: Easy page management, form management, extensive SEO tools, multi-user collaboration, navigations management, and much more...

We hope you will love using Webigniter just as much as we loved creating it!

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